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I have

been researching family history for over 40 years and now specialise in using DNA analysis to solve genealogy puzzles and providing DNA education.

I am

passionate, determined, committed, dogged, meticulous, discrete, thorough, ethical, and maverick in all my DNA case work and DNA education.

I will

provide you with the highest level of professional, ethical and comprehensive research and learning tools for all your DNA analysis requirements.

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  • DNA terms explained simply

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  • DNA analysis & reports

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Cate has helped others…

I’m so excited to be meeting my 85-year-old brother for the first time – without Cate’s help we would never have found each other.

Marilyn K, 83 yrs old, adopted at birth, looking for biological family

My grandad was a complete mystery to the family but now we’ve found him, thanks to Cate’s dogged determination to never give up until she’d tracked him down!

Peter B, looking for his grandfather

Although it has been such a shock for my sister and I to know we have different fathers, Cate not only helped to identify who my father was but also was very kind and supportive in helping me to come to terms this new information.

Sharon S, unexpected DNA results

I didn’t know where to begin but Cate’s skills in analysing the DNA and in tracking down all the family information were quite astonishing to me! And we found my father – I never thought it possible!

Clifford T, searching for unknown father

I really appreciated Cate’s professionalism and tactfulness in dealing with some pretty sensitive and delicate information in my case. I feel that I have closure now and my search can be laid to rest.

Valerie W, adoptee, searching for biological family

I was getting quite overwhelmed by the amount of DNA info online but Cate tailored some classes for me that helped me just work on my own family research and set me on the right path. Very clear and well organised and easy to understand.

Mike P, personalised DNA tuition

Frequently Asked Questions…

No, just like you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car, you don’t need to be a geneticist to be able to use DNA for family history. Your DNA Helper provides easy-to-understand tutorials that take you step by step through the basics. Of course, once you are more confident, you may find you want to learn more complex tools of DNA analysis and Your DNA Helper has more advanced tutorials as well.

As they say in the classics, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start 😀
If you haven’t done a DNA test yet, then visit the Introduction to DNA page where you’ll find information about which company will best suit your research question, as well as some basic information to get you started and links to more information.

If you’ve done a DNA test and just got your results, go to the Reading My Results page for links to free tutorials how to find your way around your results page for each of the major testing companies. If you would like help in understanding your results, you can contact Cate for a consultation and she will show you step by step what your own results mean for your own family history research. For more information on consultation fees, click here.

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DNA analysis is not dependant on any particular country, so whilst I live in Australia, my clients come from all over the world. I have had clients from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, Canada and the United States. You will find more about my services here.

No, I do not get paid to promote the products of any DNA testing company. References and recommendations to any DNA company that I review are based on my own experience with that company or product.

Yes, there are affiliate links on this website. If you click on those links and end up buying any product there, then I get a small commission, which go towards helping to run the website itself and enabling me to continue offering the free tutorials.


  • BA (History), Curtin University

  • Graduate Diploma in Family & Local History, University of New England

  • Certificate in Genealogical Research, Society of Australian Genealogists

Professional Development

  • Member of Association of Professional Genealogists

  • Genetic Genealogy, University of Strathclyde

  • Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Duke University

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