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Personalised DNA Reports

Your DNA Helper, Cate Pearce, is an experienced genetic genealogist who can help to answer your family history puzzles, using DNA and traditional archival research.

  • Analysis of DNA results

  • Identifying biological family

  • Finding missing ancestors

  • Resolving unexpected results

  • Developing DNA testing strategies

  • Complete confidentiality assured

Personalised DNA Tutorials

You don’t have to be a DNA expert before you apply DNA to your own family history research. Your DNA Helper, Cate Pearce, is an experienced educator who is known for her ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. Cate can tailor your DNA learning to just what you need to answer your own unique family history puzzle.

  • Clarify the goal of your research

  • Identify what tools you need 

  • Personalised lesson plan

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Comprehensive tailored notes

  • Personal ongoing support

Feedback about Your DNA Helper, Cate Pearce

I’m so excited to be meeting my brother for the first time – without Cate’s help we would never have found each other.

Marilyn K, 85 yrs old, adopted at birth, looking for biological family

My grandad was a complete mystery to the family but now we’ve found him, thanks to Cate’s dogged determination to never give up until she’d tracked him down!

Peter B, looking for his grandfather

Although it has been such a shock for my sister and I to know we have different fathers, Cate not only helped to identify who my father was but also was very kind and supportive in helping me to come to terms this new information.

Sharon S, unexpected DNA results

I didn’t know where to begin but Cate’s skills in analysing the DNA and in tracking down all the family information were quite astonishing to me! And we found my father – I never thought it possible!

Clifford T, searching for unknown father

I really appreciated Cate’s professionalism and tactfulness in dealing with some pretty sensitive and delicate information in my case. I feel that I have closure now and my search can be laid to rest.

Valerie W, adoptee, searching for biological family

Service Fees

To answer your family history puzzle, you need a DNA testing strategy that focusses on who are your key potential testers in the extended family and what approach will give you the best value for money. A testing strategy sets out clearly your goals, summarises what you already know, who is available for testing and what sequential steps you will need to take to get the best outcome from DNA testing.

The cost for a strategy plan, which includes personal consultation with Cate and a written report outlining the steps required for DNA testing and further recommendations, is $200.

An overview report provides an assessment of your DNA results with the relevant testing company, with regard to the quality of the matches and ethnicity estimates and the potential for these results to solve your particular genealogical question. Recommendations about how to proceed will also be provided.

The cost of this overview report is AU$200.

This service involves the analysis of your DNA results, as well as engaging in archival genealogical research, to work towards solving a specific genealogical question, such as the identification of an unknown family member.

The cost of this service is $500 for a 10-hour block of research. Follow-up research will be charged in further 10-hour blocks, or at a rate of $60 per hour.

You do not need to be a DNA expert before you start on your own DNA adventure. What you need is specific information and training about the most appropriate DNA tools that are going to help you answer your own family history question or to develop your skill level in DNA analysis in general. Private tuition involves one-on-one consultation with Cate and then a detailed guide on how to use the tools that will help you solve your genealogy puzzle. Depending on your level of comfort with self-guided study, you can utilise personal consultation with Cate to suit your own educational style and needs.

The consultation fee for personal tuition is $60 per hour or $500 for ten hours of one-on-one training. Consultations are via online video calls using Skype or Messenger.

Fees are payable on invoice, paid by PayPal (Australia or International) or by direct bank transfer (Australia only). Your DNA Helper is not able to accept payments by credit card.

Discounts are available to concession card holders and pensioners. Free DNA analysis reports also available on particular case-by-case situations. Contact Cate for further details.


  • BA (History), Curtin University

  • Graduate Diploma in Family & Local History, University of New England

  • Certificate in Genealogical Research, Society of Australian Genealogists

Professional Development

  • Member of Association of Professional Genealogists

  • Genetic Genealogy, University of Strathclyde

  • Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Duke University

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